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Discover landscapes, tastes, trends, emotions, cultures, stories, discover new ways, simply discover!

The program shows the adventures of 3 Brazilians in the discovery of a new Europe, after the recession of the beginning of the decade.
Running away from the cliche scripts, the Old Continent will serve as a setting for the stories of places, population, economy, among many other subjects, to arrive simply at the viewer.


A program with cinematic visual language that will impress the details and an editorial line connected to the new media trends.

In addition to TV, Cross Media formed by the tools of social networks will impact relevant markets to the content presented.

What is the thrill of discovering Europe for the first time?
We will show this moment with tourists who tread for the first time in the Old Continent, through a receptive tour that will lead you to live a unique experience.

View destinations with amazing detail and images. In the "backpacking" style, the scenarios will be discovered along with the viewer. Besides the landscapes, the painting will also present the local culture and cuisine.

Aimed at entrepreneurship and to present how the actions against the crisis of the beginning of the decade are potentializing the current development, opening the way for foreign investments and opportunities for economy.

How much does a mineral water cost in Europe? How to fuel the car? Doubts and curiosities about the differences between Brazil and Europe. With a visual language similar to social networks, this first-person picture will discover everyday life within Europe and make a comparison with Brazil.

Follow the trends, what is different and what the Brazilian tourist can find in Europe.